There is plenty to do in the backwoods of Ontario

This is not an exhaustive list of activities

Whispering Winds is a great starting point for any kind of adventure


Seymour Lake and the surrounding area are home to speckled and lake trout. Only a short drive away, and you can also fish walleye, northern pike, rainbow trout, whitefish, perch and muskie.


Many wilderness trails are present in the Seymour Lake area. The majority date back to the early 1950's when loggers came in to salvage the wood that was not destroyed in the great fire of 1948. Bring a compass or a GPS.


Seymour Lake is excellent for canoeing. You can paddle with the beavers and otters. Short portages away are many other lakes for you to explore. For the experienced enthusiast Whispering Winds is a great launching point for an extensive canoe trip.


Large and small game are plentiful in the area. We do not provide licences so be sure you have it before you come.


Many wilderness roads and trails are available in the immediate area. You can explore the lakes and bush at your leisure. Enjoy the plentiful wildlife and don't forget your camera; you may even be privileged to walk with a moose!!!

Rest & Relaxation

You may prefer to stay closer to the camp and enjoy a game of horseshoes or the sandy beach and raft for sunbathing and swimming.